New Lunch Charge Policy

New Waukomis Schools Lunch Charge Policy

This will be effective at the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year.


Child Nutrition Program

     The National School Lunch Act, passed in 1946, established school lunch programs across the nation.  The purpose of the program was to safeguard the health and well-being of the nation's children and to encourage the consumption of agricultural abundance.

     The National School Lunch Program is available to any public or private nonprofit school or licensed residential child care institution.  The objectives of the National School Lunch Program are to make available to all students enrolled in schools and institutions a meal during a period designated as the lunch period; to provide nutritionally adequate meals that are acceptable to students, thus reducing plate waste; to provide assistance to participants to ensure that minimum meal requirments are met; and to ensure that all programs are accountable.  School districts and residential child care institutions may receive reimbursement for lunches served to enrolled students at predetermined rates established for free, reduced-price, or full-price meals each fiscal year.

     It is the policy of Waukomis Public Schools that all students will establish a "Lunch Account" prior to eating in the cafeteria. The school authority (Waukomis Public Schools) is not required to provide meals if payment is not made for the CURRENT day's meal or if funds in the student's account are not sufficient to cover the cost of the meal.

Waukomis Public Schools charging policy is as follows:

     Students and staff will only be allowed to charge up to, and to not exceed 10 meals, this is approximately $30.00. When a student or staff member's account has reached 8 charged meals, approximately $24.00 a receipt will be sent home stating the amount said student or staff member owes for meals.  If payment is not received before 11th charged meal, student or staff member will need to bring his or her own meal to school or receive an alternate meal.  Only 3 alternate meals will be made available to students or staff members.  After 3 alternate lunches, the student or staff member will not receive any lunch from the school until their lunch bill is paid in full.

     If a family has failed to fill out a free and reduced lunch application or their income has changed since the last time one was filled out, Waukomis Public Schools strongly recommends filling out a new application anytime during the school year.  If a family does not pay for charged meals, they will be encouraged to complete an application for free and educed-priced meals.  If the family does not wish to complete the application or if they do not qualify for meal benefits after completing the application,  Waukomis Public Schools is not obligated to continue providing meals without receiving payment.