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We, the proud and dedicated members of the Chief Band, declare it our mission, responsibility, and privilege to:

· Find enjoyment in expressing our mind and spirit through the art of music performance.

· Lead each other and our community toward success.

· Show respect toward other unified organizations at Waukomis Schools, both musical and non-musical.

· At all times, represent our school and community with unity, integrity, and humility.

· Set the example of Chief Pride:

· Be lifelong advocates for music and its benefits to students of all ages.


· Provide a proud legacy for the future youth of Waukomis Chief Band.



Waukomis Public Schools
H.S. Band Syllabus
Mr. Stewart
Band at Waukomis should be an amazing experience for all involved. By following the guidelines outlined in this handbook, you will be ensuring a successful musical year!
Mr. Stewart
 All rules and expectations in the Waukomis Handbook will be followed in the band room and on any band function (on or off-campus.) It is important to understand that we are in class to make music. As such, extraneous noise makes it difficult for our class to function. My pact with you is this: if you will eliminate social talking, I will keep class moving at a fast pace.
General Band Expectations
-An awesome attitude
-You are responsible for your actions.
-You will follow the Directors' instructions the first time they are given.
-You will be in your seat with all of your supplies before the specified time. This includes your instrument (kept in working order), reeds, valve oil, music, pencil, and anything else you need for a successful rehearsal.
-You will not play your instrument until we play as a group.
-You will be respectful to yourself, others, equipment and your environment.
-Only water is allowed.
In order for us to have a successful year, it is vitally important that EVERY student attend EVERY rehearsal, sectional, and performance. There are few acceptable reasons to miss a rehearsal or performance; they include illness with a doctor’s note, a death in the family, and if pre approved by Mr. Stewart, school activities. ALL ZEROS DUE TO AN ABSENCE IS THE RESPONCIBILITY OF THE STUDENT TO GET A MAKEUP ASSIGNMENT. Students have the amount of time they were absent to complete the work. If you are absent monday, you will get your assignment on tuesday and turn in by wednesday. If you know that you will be absent, I would suggest that you get your makeup assignment ahead of time! If you are absent on a saturday competition, you will get your assignment on Monday, and turn it in on tuesday.
Our performances should be a source of pride to our students, staff, and school. Therefore, it is critical that we take care to have a uniformed look for our performances. The school will provide the uniform top, pants, and hat for games, marching and contest performances. When in uniform, students are required to keep the uniform fully on with jacket fastened. Students will be required to purchase a band shirt to be worn at Mr. Stewart’s discretion.
It has been brought to my attention that several members of the band have missed several band activities due to Ineligibility. I understand that things happen however a band relies on all it members. Constantly having a missing piece to the puzzle can greatly affect the band as a whole.  In the event that a student is ineligible and cant participate in a competition and the parents of that child have other children participating in the competition, and the parents of the ineligible child are attending the competition with the ineligible child, I and the school will not be held liable for that student. If the competition is in a place where it is  'pay to enter' such as the SWOSU and NWOSU homecomings, the ineligible child will be required to pay to enter even if their parent(s) are entering free of charge as chaparones.  In the event that the competition is an overnight trip and parents of ineligible child are chaparones, and they bring the ineligible child with them, the parents will be liable for their child and will have to pay for all expenses related to their child. In all instances, ineligible students are not permitted to ride the bus with the band.
Grading Policy
Grades in band are based on a weighted scale. Different items are worth varying percentages as follows:
Performances: 50%
Tests/Assignments: 25%
Weekly Participation Grades/Practice: 25%
Performance Grades(50%):
Performance grades will include: Attendance and participation at football games, concerts, contests and any other performances. Students must be on time and fully prepared with all appropriate equipment and dress to receive full credit. Attitude will also be factored into these grades.
Playing Tests/Assignments (25%):
At predetermined times, students will be asked to play assigned material, individually, for a grade. Performance tests in band are used not only for grades, but also for chair placement. Chair tests will be held at the director’s discretion. A student must be present the day of the test in order to compete for a chair. If a student is absent, he/she will be able to make up the grade for full credit but will not be able to compete for a chair. They will sit at the end of the section until the next chair test. Make-up playing tests: These tests will not be made up in class. You will need to make an appointment with Mr. Stewart to play the test. If the test is not made-up within the time specified in the student handbook, the grade will be recorded as a zero.
  Weekly Participation Grades/Practice (25%):
Each student is expected to fully participate in Band class every day. A student will be awarded 50 participation points per day provided he/she participates fully in rehearsal. If a student is unable to participate due to forgetting an instrument, reeds, music, pencil, or other materials, he/she will lose participation points for that day. Likewise, lack of effort in class will lower the grade. These are the easiest grades to earn, so all students should be able to do well in this area. 5th and 6th grade students will also be required to turn in a minimum of two hours of practice each week for 200 points.
Being tardy to class or a band activity is unacceptable. I expect all band students to be in their seats ready to play by 2 minutes after the tardy bell. Failure to meet that deadline will give you a tardy. Regardless, students must be inside the band room by the tardy bell or this will also constitute a tardy.
Being tardy to a football game can reduce your grade to 75% and will cause you to forfeit your 3rd quarter break.
Being late to a band trip such as a contest or other will cause you to be left behind and you will receive a 0 for the activity. 
School-owned instruments
As you know, the school has only a limited amount of instruments. All school instruments loaned out to students will be accompanied by a contract signed by students and parents. I have at this time decided to not charge a rental fee however if instruments are not taken care of properly I will revoke that ‘privilege’. Parents of students renting instruments will be liable in the event that the instrument needs repairs that are due to anything other than normal wear and tear. Mr. Stewart will be the deciding factor in the cost owed by the parents. Hopefully we won’t have to worry about this.
The band will take trips to rehearsals and contests. Students are to follow the rules set forth in the Waukomis High School Student Handbook and the Waukomis Band Handbook. Any student not following these rules will be subject to disciplinary action. Every student is required to ride the bus to the event, and may ride back only with a parent with proper notification, and after checking out with Mr. Stewart. Any students who are ineligible and for some reason are still attending the trip, such as with parents who are sponsors, will not be allowed to ride the bus.  Approved people only may ride the bus. Approved people would be myself and my wife, all eligible band students (required), and any administration. Families, such as parents and siblings who are not in H.S. Band, friends as well as students from other schools will not be permitted to ride the bus. Mr. Stewart will make the descision as to who may or may not ride the bus. Represent our school with pride!
Each student will need the following
-Black Marching Shoes




For more class specific information please go to

Kyle Stewart's Page in the Elementary Section