High School Announcement
High School Announcement
Matt Cue
Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Dear parents,

This  we will be locking the gates to the high school parking lot around 2:00 PM. In case you are unaware, Rick Fagan (Garfield County acting Sheriff) has passed and his funeral will be on this day.  We are asking patrons of the community to line Wood Road around 3:00 PM to honor his life.  If anyone would like to participate, we ask that you park down by the football field near the baseball/softball fields.

 All students parked inside the high school parking lot after 2:00 PM  must exit through the north exit by the elementary.  Don't forget it is illegal to pass a bus with a stop sign out.  Students may have to wait a few minutes for the buses to leave before they leave. If you normally pick your child up in front of the high school or junior high, we ask that you use the grassy area on the east side of the elementary near main street.  I will also explain this to all the students, but you reminding them will be greatly appreciated.  

Remember this is just for the afternoon of Thursday April 12th!